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best snow day of all time

the last two weeks brought valentine's day, a week-long winter break for the girls, a busy week back to school and the best snow day in rich family history. school was cancelled, again, but this time even chip stayed home. we tromped to the park as the snow clouds and the sun took turns filling the sky, went sledding on plastic garbage sacks (hilarious and ridiculously fun), built snowmen and ice forts and made our way home with all three children frozen and sobbing. the next morning we made our way back to the park, armed with a real sled from a generous (pitying?) neighbor and more layers of random clothing.



chip's nine-foot snowman had been knocked down during the night, so he went to rebuilding, adding a wife and child while he was at it. aunt and uncle m + m (who, awesomely, live just one block away) joined us in the sledding and crashing and walking and building and snow-angeling. we ran into friends and we loved our park and our city and the snow. winter didn't seem so bad, in fact, it seemed magically perfect and everything i thought it should be as a child. i was glad to be in brooklyn. and to have a ton of delicious black bean brownies to snack on when we got home. protein intake via a brownie is pretty magical too.

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